Parallel Imported Products

Only Accept Authentic UK products!!

Do not settle for Parallel imported products - Here is Why ...

When you order a product from our contracted and licensed pharmacy in the United Kingdom, you can be sure you will be getting an authentic government approved UK product (namely, the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) and not a product from elsewhere in Europe.  Some other pharmacies will claim that their products come from the United Kingdom when in actual fact those products are parallel imported products (so it may come from elsewhere in Europe).

With parallel imported products, you have no idea where it may be coming from (Portugal, Spain, Germany, etc.) and with such a model, there is more opportunity for counterfeit drugs to enter the drug distribution network. Such parallel imports may also arrive with instructions in a foreign language.

So rest assured, knowing that the products we offer are not parallel imported products, but true authentic products sourced from the United Kingdom and approved by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.


Read more about the potential risks of Parallel Imported Products;

Parallel trade in drugs puts EU patients at risk

The ABPI claims that parallel trade poses risks to patient well-being. It says that repackaging increases the risks of labeling errors, that lengthening the supply chain increases opportunities for piracy and counterfeiting, and that patients may be confused by over labelled packs bearing a foreign language.
Parallel trade: Are Industry concerns real or imagined?

However, companies say their major concern is the impact of PPT on the drugs supply chain and safety. Mount says: 'We have seen a rise in the incidence of counterfeit medicines in the UK. That is why we need to ask whether this system is safe and whether our efforts to protect it are adequate.

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